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Please note: Visual NHibernate has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. It is no longer supported. The current versions can be used for free with the following serial number:
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Visual NHibernate modeling tool

NHibernate is powerful. Now it's easy too!

The easiest way to create & maintain
NHibernate projects.


NHibernate designer


Entity editor with referenced entites and mapped tables

Entity-centric NHibernate designer

Get a single-view of all details of entity with this NHibernate modeling tool. See all details about an entity in a single view: other entities it references, database tables it maps to, its name and properties as well as full details of the entity and its properties. Quickly design your domain model with this NHibernate mapping tool.


Smart auto-naming of entities

Singularization, pluralization, TitleCase of entity names. Your entities and their properties will be automatically named nicely, even if the database has ugly naming conventions.


Source-control friendly project files

Visual NHibernate projects are saved in well-ordered XML and text files which are designed to work well with source-control.


Auto-update checks

Always stay up to date with the latest version.



Works the way you do


Database selection screen Start from existing database

Start a new project from an existing database. All tables will be imported and mapped to new entities. Many-to-many relationships using association tables will be modelled correctly with no matching entity for the association table. Enjoy the fine-grained control the NHibernate modeling tool gives you. Supported databases: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/Express/CE/Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite.


Start from existing Visual Studio solution (HBM XML & Fluent)

Start from an exisiting NHibernate project that uses HBM XML mappings or Fluent NHibernate code mappings. Make changes in Visual NHibernate and update your existing files with the new data. Nice...!
New project type selection options.











Quickly understand existing NHibernate projects (HBM XML and Fluent)

Make sense of your existing NHibernate projects by quickly visualizing them and exploring the model.



Fast editing


Advanced property grid and on-diagram editing.

Fast editing - faster than hand-typing XML

Edit properties in a spreadsheet layout - it doesn't get easier or faster than this!


Edit on diagram

Make changes directly on the diagram. Change your mappings quickly with the visual designer.








Spend less time tracking down errors


Validation check and results

Model validation

Now you can safely experiment with your models because Visual NHibernate will alert you when something in your model is wrong.








'Plays well with others...'


Text-file diff

IntelliDiff: safely edit existing projects

Makes changes to your project (property names, types etc.) and Visual NHibernate will intelligently weave the required changes into your existing source-code files without touching your custom code. It'll add properties, change types, change names etc. without overwriting your other code.


File generation treeview

Selective file generation

You can select exactly which files you want to create or update.


Use existing class-files, NHibernate config files etc.

When working with an existing project, Visual NHibernate will use your existing file-layout and project structure. It won't force your exisisting projects to follow a specified pattern.


Filter files

Filtering options for file treeview Filter the files to see exactly the ones you want: new files, files with changes and files with no changes.


Binary file diff

File preview with diffs (before writing to disk)

You can view all files before writing them to disk, including how the new versions differ from the existing versions on disk. You don't need to write them to disk if you don't want to.





Supported NH features and add-ons


NHibernate options screen
  • NH Validator
  • NH Spatial
  • Components (complex-types)
  • Fluent NHibernate & HBM XML: generate hbm xml mapping files or Fluent NHibernate code.
  • All NHibernate options (bytecode generator etc.)


Are we missing something?

Contact us and let us know!



List of supported databases



Supported databases:

SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/Express/CE/Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite


Are we missing your database?

Contact us and let us know!




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